Established in 2019, The Ounce’s mission is to aid your wellness journey by offering top quality hemp supplements at affordable pricing. From the start, community and creativity have been at the core of The Ounce’s outreach efforts. Prior to the pandemic, we opened our office/private space to the community, sponsoring and hosting a variety of events—artistic, educational and private. Due to public health concerns (COVID-19), we closed our doors but have continued to offer our hemp supplements online.


10% of proceeds are donated to select service efforts and charitable causes. This year we’ve identified 2 organizations and 1 cause we will be donating to:

National Expungement Week

The Ounce was the largest monetary donor for DC / Maryland / Virginia Expungement Week’s 2019 efforts and was hands on with 2020’s local efforts also. Learn more about 2020’s DMV Expungement Week of Action via our blog.

Legalize it Right

On February 9th, 25 advocacy groups led by Marijuana JusticeACLU VA & RISE for Youth, sent a letter to the Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam and Virginia lawmakers, outlining 5 criteria for marijuana legalization that will center racial equity and the people and communities most adversely impacted by the decades-long War on Drugs.

The Ounce is thrilled to be among these organizations advocating for proper treatment and industrial inclusion of marginalized people in Virginia. Learn more about this advocacy effort via our blog.


RayRay (he/him), Founder/CEO

Ray is the Founder of The Ounce. He enjoys gardening, reading and art. His background in psychosocial and spiritual care drive his love for community work. He describes The Ounce as a premiere cannabis wellness brand and community organization.


MarieMarie (she/her), CFO

Allow us to introduce you to Marie Ayala, our new Chief Financial Officer. Marie leads our financial planning and budgeting. Additionally, her background in health and wellness is a welcome asset to this organization. She begins her assignment 3rd quarter of 2021.